Creating and updating products are notably tedious tasks if you do it one by one. But we have a great news! Users can now upload their Shopify Product csv Export or use our very own retraced Product Sheet to create and update products in bulk hassle free! 👍🏻

Here are some of our guides on using retraced Product Sheet:

  1. Each row MUST have a product handle
  2. Informative: For general product information , only the first find row of a product is taken into consideration. Other rows just require the same handle
  3. Informative/Suggestion: one SKU per row
  4. Informative: If SKUs are removed from the sheet, they will be removed from the retraced dashboard as well
  5. Informative: If a product handle is removed it is left untouched in place in our retraced dashboard.
  6. Informative: retraced product sheet headers must have original parenthesis preserved.

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