When selling the product to end consumers online or in store, the product is equipped with a readable QR code, which leads after scanning to the product journey. The scanning is typically done with a smartphone (of any kind, even back to 2009).

QR Code Tagging

1. Prerequisites

The following must be done so you can actually start tagging in our system:

  • You have one product P

  • You have one order of that product P

2. Getting QR Tags

We offer the following options to have QR codes ready where ever you will need them.

  • We can print and ship them.

  • We can provide an excel file of valid QR code data and send it to you. You must print them.

  • You can generate validate QR codes yourself and print them. For the URI structure of the QR code you must get in touch with us. This is error prone and not recommended.

3. Attach QR Tags to Products

Once you have QR codes, the next step is to attach them to your products. This can be done in several processes. We list here the most common scenarios and recommend to get in touch with us to determine the best process for you.

  • The QR codes can be printed directly into the fabric.

  • The QR codes can be put on a placeholder hang tag.

  • The QR codes can be printed on a hang tag which is attached to the product.

  • The QR codes can be put onto a box or package where the product is placed into.

We offer maximum flexibility to make the process smooth. Contact us to find your solution to attach QR tags to your products.

4. Linking QR Tags to Products

The QR codes itself contain a unique number, which will be linked to a specific order line. The order line determines the specific product, e.g. red shirt summer 2019 size s. Often, it is not required to tag every single product in a batch, but rather create one QR code for all red shirt in any size of that seasons. It can be as coarse grained as any size of that shirt of that season. What must be ensured is that the supply chain how the product was produced is always exactly the same. Customers will be able to inspect the QR code and then see the shipment slips and goods transfers.

The linking process is recommended to do through our business app. The app is available for iOS and Android devices and works backwards on nearly any generation. The phone just requires a camera. Once downloaded, the process is as follows:

  • You log into the app and get a one time login code.

  • You select the order you want to tag.

  • You select the order line you want to tag.

  • You select that you want to link with QR codes.

  • You are prompted to scan QR codes, which are linked immediately on the order line.

The steps through the business app can be done by either the brand or the manufacturer. Both have access to the order line and thus can tag products on them.

5. Verify the Process

Once a tag has been scanned and is registered successfully on the order line, simply take out the consumer app and scan the QR code. Optionally, you can directly use your phone camera and scan the code. Phone will prompt you if you want to open the browser to inspect the product journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do QR codes cost?

The pricing depends on the amount and the style of the codes. Often, we include in the pricing the design of a hang tag to fit into your corporate design. Besides, the quality of paper the QR codes will be printed on also influences the pricing.

We can provide an excel sheet with an arbitrary amount of valid QR codes free of charge. The printing and quality assurance is then your responsibility. This is why we recommend printing through our facilities.

The least recommended option, but possibility, is to create the codes yourself and also handle the printing. Get in touch with us to get the most recent format for the QR codes and to ensure that the protocol standards are met.

How long does the QR shipment take?

We typically ship the QR codes within 2 working days. The shipment time depends on your location and the urgency.

Can you tag for me?

We have an emergency fallback option to support the tagging from our side. This option should only be chosen if anything else became impossible. To take over the tagging process we have to charge the hourly rate.
This process is not include putting the QR codes onto the product, but is solely to ensure that predefined QR codes are linking to the correct order lines.

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