Our developer team has an extensive experience developing online stores. Just get in touch and we will help you to connect also your store!

If you have a developer on hand, you can use this guide to integration our widget into any webshop.



The following must be done so you can actually see something in your custom web store.

  • You have one product P
  • You have one order of that product P
  • Product P has at least one variation with an SKU filled out
  • You have refreshed the badges of product P, so you have at least the supply chain transparency badge


In order so see our widget, you must include out widget snippet JavaScript file as soon as possible in your Head: https://rtcd.me/widget

Then, whereever you want, you can add the following snippet into your HTML:

<div id="retraced-map-widget"></div>

Roadmap of Shops

If a specific webshop type is requested often, we will consider putting it into our future roadmap to a general public app for those webshop softwares.

As an example, we are looking to also support Shopware in the future.

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